During the winter, one of the most common home insurance claims is for water damage caused by frozen pipes that have burst. When the temperature drops to freezing, pipes in your home are at potential risk.

Though pipes can freeze, burst and leak anywhere in the homes, the most usual places for problems are in walls and basements. Sometimes problems are due to renovations or temporary removal of insulation.

Keeping your pipes from bursting is easily prevented with just a few simple steps.

Keep your water tank and pipes insulated. Check for loose or damaged insulation and make repairs as necessary. Pipes and tanks that are separated from the rest of house are particularly prone to freezing.

Be sure the heat runs for at least a few hours each day, even if the place is not occupied. Use a programmable thermostat to keep the heat running during times of extreme cold.

If the property is going to be unoccupied for an extended period, consider draining the water supply lines. Shut off the main supply valve and open up all the faucets in the place. This will drain the water to the lowest levels.

If a leak develops because of burst pipes, turn of the main water supply valve and call a plumber. Try to determine the location of the split pipe before help arrives.

Water damage is insidious. Wet or flooded basements can become a breeding ground for mold. Our professional and certified response teams are experienced in handling water damage restoration, mold remediation and flood disaster recovery.

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