Five years ago, the Guinness couple had their home tested for hidden mold. The result of that test was a massive, five-year, house-flipping project that the couple is just now completing.

Here’s where it gets worse – the amount Guinness’s spent to repair the house was only $500 less than the property’s original value.

According to the WSJ article, the ongoing project cost $478,500 in renovations—not including what the couple lost in possessions that had been infested with mold.

The Guinness’ were able to salvage some wooden furniture and antiques. However,  anything made of fabric—mattresses, couches, soft furnishings, carpeting, drapes and linens – had to be thrown out. The mold also had penetrated Mr. Guinness’s extensive collection of books. Doorknobs, tile, grout, railings and even the roof had to be replaced.

The problem was a long time coming. It is believed that the mold likely began growing when the house was built in the late 1980s. It’s possible that the townhouse may have been rained on before the roof and walls were put in.

According to the article:

Almost every U.S. home has at least a little mold, but roughly 47% of homes have more substantial mold or dampness… People who are exposed to mold are 30% to 50% more at risk of asthma, coughing and wheezing. Mold exposure also has been associated with other health problems, such as bronchitis and respiratory infections.

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