Is black mold removal a do-it-yourself job?

Probably not, as black mold is highly toxic and can lead to a host of health problems.

Black mold is a fungus thrives in dark, moist areas that are not properly ventilated, such as the attic or basement. However, mold can grow in any room of the home, particularly the bathroom. A leaky roof or dripping pipes from the basement can provide the water source needed for mold to grow and multiply. Black mold can form on most any surface that is not kept clean and dry, including cement and tiles.

If you discover black mold in your home, what are your options?

Testing for Black Mold

Black mold testing starts with a visible inspection. Are there mold on the walls or floors? Even if you cannot see any mold, spores can still be present in cracks and hidden spaces.

Testing the air quality of your home may be necessary because the mold spores may be airborne. There are inexpensive testing kits for black mold that you can use yourself. A simple test with a petrie dish will tell you within two days if the area is infested. If it is, consider having the water damaged and moldy material removed. This is done best by mold abatement specialists.

Why Shouldn’t I Attempt to Remove the Mold Myself?

The danger of black mold is in the possibility of it becoming agitated. Disturbing the mold can cause spores to spread and further contaminate your home.

Black mold exposure can cause symptoms similar to a cold or flu. In time, it can affect your immune system and cause serious health problems, including chronic fatigue and opportunistic infection.

Common mold exposure symptoms include:

* Allergies and allergic reactions
* Asthma Flare-ups
* Bronchitis
* Headaches
* Sinus Congestion
* Immune system disorders

Just because the mold is not visible doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. Keeping the mold out of your house will greatly reduce the risk of developing exposure symptoms. If you suspect a problem, you should have mold inspection and testing performed by a trained and certified mold inspector.

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