DIY water removalWhile a small water leak or spill can often be cleaned up by a homeowner, there are cases where professional water extraction services are required. However, water damage that is improperly cleaned up can become a much larger problem in the future.

Here are several reasons why removing water after a flood or serious leak should not be done by an untrained homeowner.

Toxic Water Is Dangerous

A small amount of water flooding can probably be handled be a homeowner, provided that there is not a large amount of water to clean up. Small leaks in a bathroom or kitchen can usually be handled with proper equipment and an attention to how much damage the leak has created. However, if the water is infected or toxic (like sewage), DIY self-restoration is extremely dangerous. Water that has been standing for a long time can be contaminated and should be treated professionally.

You Might Miss Some Water

Professionals use specialized equipment that detects and maps the moisture automatically, even if it is hidden from the naked eye. If water damage is neglected, it can come back to haunt you later in the form of rotting drywall, weakened wooden beams or buckling floors.

Improper Dehumidification

After water evaporates, it remains in the area as moisture. Ventilation must be used to to circulate the air or desiccants should be used to absorb the humidity. A high degree of moisture can result in mold growth, which can cause more damage and expense to remediate.

Long Term Damage Can Remain

Even a small drip, left untreated, can cause lasting and permanent damage. It can weaken structural integrity of a building. Beams can rot, two-by-fours can weaken, and floors may eventually collapse. Mold and fungus may grow and spread, putting the occupant’s health in danger.

Be sure to evaluate all your options before you decide to go the do-it-yourself route. Never be afraid to call water damage specialists. Professionals use up-to-date equipment to extract the water, save your belongings, and quickly get your home back in order.

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