indoor-airIf you live in New York, New Jersey or anywhere in the Northeast, you know that this summer has been a bad season for allergy sufferers. Pollen counts have been through the roof.

Grass pollens and mold spores are common summer allergy triggers, but did you know that mold can be more of a health problem than pollen?

Research has shown that mold spores commonly outnumber pollen grains in the air even during peak pollen season. Mold contamination inside a home can make things worse. Air conditioner drain pans can breed mold and spread  it throughout one or several rooms. Poor ventilation and dampness from summer rains can cause basement mold spores to multiply and spread, causing poor indoor air quality.

So while you may suffer from ‘summertime colds’, the cause might not be due to allergies. Mold exposure can cause symptoms that are similar. Common symptoms from mold exposure include:

– Allergies and allergic reactions
– Asthma flare-ups
– Bronchitis
– Headaches
– Sinus congestion
– Immune system disorders

Those suffering from asthma or allergy, small children, infants, the elderly, and people already suffering with health problems are more prone to issues related to mold infestation. If you suspect that you have a problem, mold testing can help confirm and identify the source or sources.

If the problem persists, don’t just blame the pollen! Get it checked out and know for sure what is making you sick.

H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting provides air quality testing and mold removal services for homes and businesses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.