In the wake of Hurricane Sandy that left 305,000 New York housing units damaged or destroyed, Kevin J. Hinchey, CEO of H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting and cousin of former Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey, has presented a letter to New York legislative leaders urging them to pass a requirement for mandatory air quality testing for pre-purchase home inspections.

According to the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services, Section 197-5.16 Limitations and Exclusions (k.9), an inspector is not currently mandated to report mold findings. Because of this, most people do not realize that their home has mold issues because it is not always reported by an inspector or readily visible.

“After the devastation that Hurricane Irene and Sandy left us with, we are trying to help out as many fellow New Yorkers as we can,” said Kevin Hinchey, President and CEO of H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting. Hinchey also added that with back-to-back super storms hitting the East Coast, “It is imperative that mold testing be made mandatory for pre-purchase home inspections for both commercial and residential buildings.”

Once mold is airborne, it can spread throughout an entire home. Mold infestation can cause individuals to become ill. Small children, infants, the elderly, and people already suffering with health problems are particularly susceptible to health problems related to mold infestation.

Following Hurricane Sandy, the most pernicious issue that many residents will face as they try to reclaim their damaged homes is that of mold infiltration. To help safeguard the public from this threat, H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting has sent a letter to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo urging him to propose mandatory air quality testing as well as a visual mold inspection a part of all home inspections.

Hinchey adds, “As a contractor that has seen firsthand the devastation of the recent storms, I know the importance more than ever of safeguarding the public from these threats.”

H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting asks that others who support this proposal to contact their legislators to pass a bill requiring mandatory air testing for all pre-purchase home inspections.

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