H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting announces a large-scale viral protective treatment process designed to treat both porous and non-porous surfaces for large buildings and institutions.

H&H Environmental uses AnaSphere, a chemically balanced disinfectant/virucide that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and microbes. It is formulated to aid in the reduction of cross-contamination on treated surfaces in schools, hospitals, institutions and industries. The treatment is approved for USDA inspected food processing facilities.

AnaSphere penetrates into porous materials and creates a permanent, antimicrobial surface shield that prevents microbial attack. AnaSphere prevents microbes from growing and reduces transient microbial levels, including mold and contagious viruses, such as Swine Flu (A/H1N1).

“The AnaSphere treatment does not dissipate over time,” says Kevin Hinchey, Owner of H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting. “Traditional antimicrobial treatment provides a short-term elimination of microorganisms. This treatment continues to work long-term to fight against mold and bacteria growth on the treated surfaces.”

Unlike traditional cleaning agents such as bleach, disinfectants and sanitizers, the cleaning solution eradicates the biofilm food and nutrient source for mold and bacteria and forms a molecular bond to the surface. This prevents new transient microorganisms from surviving, helping to protect against the transfer of viruses and bacteria between surfaces and people.

AnaSphere is an EPA-registered product. H&H Environmental has a doctor of infectious disease on its board who is able to provide quotes to interested parties.

“This is a comprehensive protection treatment,” says Hinchey. “In a time of potential pandemic outbreaks, we can reduce infectious microorganisms on a larger scale.”

A treated area can be reoccupied on the same day of treatment. These disinfectant products have been used in hospitals, nursing homes and schools across the country.

Since 2005, H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting provides mildew and mold removal services. The company serves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.