winter moldDuring the winter, being sealed up inside also means that you are also sealed in with any mold that may exist in your home. Damp basements, bathrooms and closets can all harbor mildew and mold.  When you are indoors for the cold season with the windows closed and the heat running, your exposure to allergens will spike.

If you suffer from continual coughing, runny nose, irritated throat or eyes — these are all signs of mold allergy. Common heath-related symptoms from mold exposure are very similar to common seasonal colds or flu. Symptoms can include:

• Allergies symptoms
• Coughing and bronchitis symptoms
• Headaches
• Sinus congestion
• Flu-like symptoms

During the holidays, even your Christmas tree may cause mold problems in your home.

Mold spores can grow on just about anything, including carpet, wood and sheet rock. It’s a lot easier to keep mold from growing in your home than it is to suffer the ongoing health effects later. Here are a few tips to keeping the moisture and mold from appearing.

• Control the humidity level of your basement or lower floor with a dehumidifier.
• Check your home plumbing. Any existing leaks should be repaired.
• Check your HVAC unit drip pan for water. Empty it if necessary; don’t let it sit.
• Insulate the walls to any rooms or areas that are prone to excessive humidity.
• Moisture or wet spots in your basement, bath or anywhere in your home should be cleaned up immediately. If water or moisture keeps coming back, check for the source.
• Make sure there are no cracks or other structural damage to your home’s foundation.
• Make sure your gutters are clear and deliver water far away from your home.

Those suffering from asthma or allergy, small children, infants, the elderly and people suffering with existing health problems are more susceptible to health problems related to winter mold. Mold allergies can even trigger asthma attacks. If you have symptoms, see an allergist for testing to diagnose mold allergy.

So if you suffer from recurring seasonal illness, ask yourself – “Is it the cold, or could it be mold?

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