H&H Environmental Fully Certified and Licensed in New York

commercial mold and moistureOn January 1, 2016, all mold remediation companies and their workers must be certified and licensed by New York State.  The new law also requires licensing to perform mold inspections and remediation.

Is It A Cold Or Is It Mold?

winter moldDuring the winter, being sealed up inside also means that you are also sealed in with any mold that may exist in your home. Damp basements, bathrooms and closets can all harbor mildew and mold.  When you are indoors for the cold season with the windows closed and the heat running, your exposure to allergens will spike.

Manhattan Commercial Mold Removal Services

manhattan commercial moldIndoor air pollution is today one of the largest environmental issues facing commercial buildings in Manhattan, New York City and across the United States. No one is immune to the short and long-term effects of indoor air contaminants.

New York City Mold Remediation Guidelines

baseboard-moldH&H Environmental Construction and Consulting serves both the residential and commercial mold needs of New York City. We are often contacted by residents about mold testing and remediation in their apartment buildings. They want to know what they can do about mold infestation and how this may relate to their landlords.

Commercial Mold Prevention Tips

commercial mold and moistureThe key to controlling mold growth in commercial buildings, office buildings, manufacturing areas and schools  is to prevent moisture problems before they start. Here are some tips to reduce water and moisture and keep your place free from contamination.

Signs That Your Commercial Building Should Be Tested For Mold

commercial mold testingMold spores are everywhere. It can be found outdoors, indoors, at home and at work. Mold in office buildings and other commercial buildings is actually common. In fact, no indoor space is completely free from mold spores – not even a hospital’s surgical operating room. The question that is often asked is how much mold exists, and whether it is something that is effecting your workers, residents and customers.

Attic Mold? Watch Out for Bathroom Fans and Attic Ventilation

attic ventAttic ventilation is critical to maintaining even attic temperatures throughout the year. In the summer, proper ventilation vents excess heat. In the winter, it prevents the buildup of excess moisture and accumulation of water condensation.

What To Do If There Is Mold In Your Apartment

mold on apartment wallMold is an environmental problem in rental apartments across the nation.  As a renter or a tenant, you have a right to have a mold problem remediated in a timely manner. Because exposure to spores can lead to chronic and severe health problems, living in a mold-infested apartment presents many problems, legal and otherwise.

Signs That You Have Mold In Your Walls

mold assessmentThat stain on your wall may contain problems that are more than surface-deep. If you or members of your family smell mold or musty odors are suffer indoors from sneezing, sore eyes and a runny nose or nasal congestion, there’s a good chance that your home has mold contamination.

Do You Have Dangerous Mold In Your Bathroom?

Misc pictures 050Mold grows anywhere that there is a food source and moisture. Add in the warm temperature and humidity of a bathroom, and you have the perfect environment for mildew and mold growth.